Near Tver, local residents arbitrarily blocked the passage, hung up road signs and set up a checkpoint

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On April 18, summer residents faced overlapping in a village near Tver and unauthorized road signs. They complained about this in the community of Tver drivers.

According to the owner of the site, local residents are standing at the entrance to the village of Pukovo, blocking the road. At the same time, they put a sign “No entry”.

– In front of our eyes, prohibiting signs were hung on the pillars. The residents themselves, and not the representatives of the traffic police, writes the girl.

A few meters later, the Tverite woman ran into two men, standing with a chain and two stones. The men were there as another control at the so-called checkpoint.

– Having called the chairman of our cooperative, we heard in response that we must tell the number of the site and the name of the owner in order to get to Zeleny Bor. More this person did not explain anything, the girl continued.

The owners of summer cottages were outraged by the arbitrariness of the villagers. In the comments to the girl’s story, she was advised to contact the law enforcement agencies.