A Natural Swimming Pond, A Swimming Pond like no other

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The natural swimming pond is an interesting alternative to the traditional swimming pool. 

 It does not use chemicals; it is natural because otherwise, it is a swimming pond created and built!

A natural swimming pond that reflects:

To carry out your project, you will first have to define your desires and your needs and think about the design and layout around your swimming pool.


 You will need to document the operation, the different construction methods, the maintenance of the natural swimming pond.


 You will have to inform yourself about the possible administrative procedures. Normally, the natural swimming pond does not require a building permit, but a prior declaration of work is essential. You should also know that it is not subject to safety rules.

The natural swimming pond: a concept

Are you a seasoned handyman? The construction of this type of pool does not pose any particular technical problems. 

However, you must have profound knowledge of electricity in wet environments because the installation must meet the NF C 15-100 standards. If you don’t have these skills, don’t take any chances and hire a professional.

The step that can be the most difficult is that of choosing and positioning the plants. It is, therefore, wise to have you accompanied.

Be patient; if the pool’s construction is quite fast (it all depends on the choice of construction!), the filling (by rainwater) is long. As for vegetation, nature and the ecosystem must be given time to establish themselves and develop. Count at least 4 months!

The stages of the construction of a natural swimming pond:

To build your natural pool, you must choose a semi-shaded location. Thus, you limit algae development and create an ideal environment for plants. 

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 You will delimit the basin and the planting spaces with a marking on the ground. 

 The earthwork requires a good day’s work and know-how because the area is large and you have to make landings. At least one for the swimming part and several heights for the plantations. 

 Depending on your project, you can:

Make masonry to separate the basins (swimming and lagoon Ing) by a wall rising 10 centimeters below the water level or make stairs…

Install a water circulation pump. It works 24 hours a day to create a current. It prevents water from stagnating and promotes exchange between the two basins. 

It should be placed in the deepest part of the  Natural pond. You need another if you install a waterfall or a stream which are favorable elements for the oxygenation of the water. Use a mechanical filtration system to relieve the biofilter. 

Sealing is a step that should not be overlooked. You can use :

  • An EPDM membrane rests on the compacted ground, cleared of pebbles and roots. It perfectly matches the shape of the pool and is neutral for fauna and flora.
  • You can line it with a bed of stones or gravel.
  • Cement, concrete, if you have chosen to build hard walls or preformed pools.
  • Clay, only if your land is clayey! You need a layer of clay of about 10 centimeters, carefully packed.
  • To fill your pool, it is best to use rainwater or water from a well to be as natural as possible.
  • Finally, you choose the plants for lagooning
  • Purifying plants which ensure the role of natural filtration. They absorb the metals present in the water, responsible for the proliferation of algae.
  • Oxygenating plants obviously bring oxygen to the water and contribute to a limpid pond without algae. 
  • Floating and decorative plants fight against the proliferation of algae by slowing down their development. Plants are placed directly in soil or in pots.


 If you put them in pots, the installation is simpler, you limit the proliferation of certain invasive plants, and you can move the plants. However, you will need to report the plants in larger containers to encourage their growth.


 A layer of gravel of at least 2 centimeters covers the soil of the pots to prevent the soil from clouding the water.

The natural swimming pond allows all shapes. According to your attachment, you will determine your sensitivity to ecology, the environment, and your budget. 


 There is a multitude of possibilities to compose your swimming pool: waterproofing membrane, shotcrete, cement, preformed basin, circulation pump or not, mechanical filtration system or not, biological filter or mechanical and biological filter, settling zone by a filter.

You can install tubular skimmers that flush the surface of the water, waterfalls, streams, heating.

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