Named the most popular tourist destinations among Russians in April

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The most popular tourist destinations among Russians in April were Sochi, Moscow and St. Petersburg, follows from a study of the OneTwoTrip service, which Izvestia got acquainted with on Tuesday, May 4.

Most often, in April, Russians flew from Moscow to Sochi, and in two years the demand for tickets on this route increased by 30%.

“In second place are flights from Moscow to St. Petersburg, which also became twice as popular. The third place is taken by the Sochi-Moscow route, ”it was reported.

The list also includes flights from Moscow to Simferopol and Yekaterinburg, from St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg to Moscow.

It is noted that the average cost of a one-way flight in Russia was 5,300 rubles.

Russians most often traveled by train last month on the Moscow – St. Petersburg route and back. In second place are trips from the capital to Nizhny Novgorod and back.

“Quite often we bought tickets from Krasnodar to Sochi and back. The top also includes trips from Moscow to Kazan, Yaroslavl, Bryansk and Belgorod – and return tickets from these cities, ”the analysts of the service noted.

The average cost of rail travel in April was 2350 rubles.

Earlier, on April 27, tourists from Russia shared their opinion on how long an ideal vacation should last. According to the respondents, the vacation should last more than a week for a complete reboot.