Named five foods that can help you cope with a hangover

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Alcohol consumption is often accompanied by a hangover, which includes symptoms such as dehydration, nausea, severe headache, and insomnia. On Monday, April 26, ahead of the May holidays, Reedus named several products that will help alleviate this condition.

It is noted that dairy products (milk, yogurt, kefir, etc.) can reduce the harmful effects of alcohol. Therefore, they are recommended to be eaten before a party with a lot of alcohol.

Fatty fish can be eaten both before and after drinking to ease morning hangovers. The protein and healthy fats found in fish help you regain strength and recover faster.

Spinach is said to help replenish magnesium, an important nutrient that alcohol eliminates from the body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as part of a light breakfast on top of your sandwiches or salad, or added to your morning smoothie.

Bananas are high in potassium, which helps restore the body’s electrolyte balance, which is disrupted by fluid loss after drinking. An imbalance in electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, sodium) can cause muscle weakness, lethargy, irritability, spikes in blood pressure, etc.

Ginger helps relieve nausea, calm the stomach, and relieve inflammation. It is also rich in nutrients that help restore the balance of vitamins and minerals. Ginger can be eaten fresh or dried.

Earlier, in January, experts recommended eliminating the hangover syndrome with tea or coffee, since it is these drinks that relieve the feeling of fatigue. It is also recommended to take vitamin C. For example, eat kiwi, oranges, strawberries, lemon.