Named a way to secure a smartphone from coronavirus

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During a coronavirus pandemic, not only hands should be disinfected, but also smartphones, because they are distributors of viruses and germs. On Wednesday, October 14, in an interview with Sputnik radio, Lyudmila Murzina, editor of the portal about gadgets and technologies, told about this.

According to the specialist, an infection, including COVID-19, can get on your hands if you do not disinfect a smartphone that is constantly nearby.

“The coronavirus, of course, can also be present at it. The most important defense is regular cleansing. You need to clean your smartphone like your hands, that is, wash it, or treat it with a disinfectant solution, “Ridus quotes Murzina.

Murzina recalled that a number of new smartphone models have high water resistance.

“If you have a waterproof smartphone, and the protection must be at least IP68, then you can just wash it under the tap, everything will be fine,” the expert noted.

According to Murzina, the standard treatment with a special alcohol solution, which is suitable for all gadgets, can damage the oleophobic coating of the screen and the case, but in this case, the issue of epidemiological safety must first be raised, the Zvezda TV channel notes. She emphasized that special disinfectants should be bought, and the alcohol content in them should be at least 60%.

On October 13, scientists called the “lifespan” of the coronavirus on banknotes and smartphone screens. According to scientists, the coronavirus lives on smooth surfaces at room temperature for 28 days.

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