Naked women shocked viewers of British TV show

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In the morning program on the British channel ITV, two naked women appeared in the frame, covering their private parts with pots of plants. Reported by the Daily Mirror.

As it turned out, this time the heroines of the TV show were two ladies who are fond of gardening. But besides caring for the plants, they have a piquant oddity – they prefer to work in the garden without clothes. This time, the women appeared nude in honor of World Gardening Day.

The host of the TV show Alison Hammond admitted that she herself would not mind being without clothes, but only within the confines of her home. She would not have dared to work in the garden like that.

As for the audience, they were very discouraged by the heroines of the morning program. Some Britons have expressed the hope that their neighbors will not follow the example of fans of gardening in the nude.