Nail Extensions: 6 Things To Consider Beforehand 

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Nail extensions are probably the most popular fashion trend in the market now. It adds that final touch to your wardrobe. Whether going to an extravagant party, grocery shopping, or experimenting with different designs, people can’t get enough of the vibrant colors, the sheen finish, and the added allure these nails offer. 

Nail extensions, also known as acrylics or false nails, are coverings placed over natural fingernails to add extra length, thickness, and strength and are often embellished. Though it may be tempting to get that dream nail look you’ve been eyeing, here are a few things you should consider before going all in! 

Types of nail extensions 

There are three types of nail extensions- acrylic, gel, silk, and fiberglass.  

Acrylic extensions are made with powder and liquid polymer, then applied and left to dry. The thick coat formed is sculpted to take the shape of your natural fingernail.  

What is builder gel? It’s a liquid gel used to add length and strength to the nails. It is applied to your natural nail. Once the gel is cured with the help of a UV lamp and shaped as per your preference, you can apply foundation coat and nail paint as you would normally do. 

Silk or fiberglass extensions are less popular. Pieces of silk or fiberglass are placed on your nail bed, then sealed with resin. This gives a different texture to your nail.  

Without proper care, nail extensions might come off 

This is a common problem. A tip to avoid this is to select the nail tip size carefully. Flattening of your nail can occur if the tip is too small. This way, the nail tip is going against the natural curve of your fingernail, resulting in your nail extensions falling off. Applying thick coats of acrylic can also cause the extensions to fall. It reduces the flexibility with which you can use your nail and, in turn, creates pressure on the nail extension. Another reason is the extension’s improper application, which creates bubbles on the surface, making it less sturdy and prone to falling. 

You need to maintain your extensions 

It can be a surprise that it is a lot of work to keep these extensions on your hand intact! Avoid exposing your extensions to harsh chemicals. You should avoid nail polish removers containing acetone on acrylic nails as they may create pits in your nails.  

Keep your nails as dry as possible to prevent them from falling. With nail extensions, you might be unable to do the regular household chores freely. Don’t even try to open cans or lift heavy objects. Your nail extensions should be good for at least 3-4 weeks before replacing them.  

Choose extensions keeping in mind the health of your nails 

Don’t neglect the health of your nails. Extensive use of extensions can leave your nails weak and brittle. Your nails might start to break more often and grow slower. A good nail plan will keep you in the game for the long run. 

Gel extensions are an excellent alternative to acrylic ones if you want a less damaging experience. Gel extensions create a protective layer over your natural nail, minimizing the damage. 

Acrylic extensions, on the other hand, can be highly damaging. It involves harsh chemicals, and the removal process itself can do a lot of harm to your nails.  

It cannot be removed at home 

This may seem a hassle, but this is a crucial step. You should go to a technician to get your nail extensions removed. Several methods are involved in the removal process catering to the type of nail extension. Some extra bucks for this are worth it. 

  1. Choose a reputed salon

Select a good salon that understands its client’s needs and goes out of its way to deliver exemplary work. Don’t get comfortable with your regular nail technician overlooking their faulty service—research salons providing service which have good reviews. You can use social media to find many home-based salon services.  

Choose salons with a sanitary environment. The technicians should clean the equipment between each service to prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Proper ventilation in the salon is also important to expel the fumes from nail polish and acrylics. Lingering odor does not make for an enjoyable salon experience.

Final Thoughts 

All these precautions may seem daunting, but nail extensions can be a lot of fun when correctly done. If this is your first time, do proper research. Take all the help you can get from the technicians. Picking out different designs can be a lot of fun. It is the perfect way to rock the latest trends, and you will be coming back for more. Make sure to make the right decision and go ahead and flaunt your new look!