N.Y.P.D. Officer Accused in Plot to Kill Husband Will Plead Guilty

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Details of the alleged plot targeting Mr. Carvalho and the teenage daughter of Officer Cincinelli’s boyfriend came to light in the spring of 2019.

At the time, court documents showed, Mr. Carvalho and Officer Cincinelli were in the middle of a messy divorce after four years of marriage, that involved a legal skirmish over custody of the couple’s son and how to divide their property.

Starting in February 2019, according to a criminal complaint, Officer Cincinelli began asking her boyfriend to hire a hit man to kill Mr. Carvalho, and her boyfriend’s own daughter.

On Feb. 18, 2019, she withdrew $7,000 from a branch of a Long Island bank, according to the complaint. The same day, the complaint said, her boyfriend bought gold coins worth $6,935 in a nearby town. The gold was to go to the killer, the complaint said.

The couple had discussed the plot repeatedly in conversations that the boyfriend recorded, according to court documents. Officer Cincinelli also used social media to track her boyfriend’s daughter’s movements, the documents said. (The boyfriend, John DiRubba, was not identified by name in the complaint.)

On May 13, 2019, the complaint said, Officer Cincinelli met with Mr. DiRubba to discuss the killings she had ordered. She was still unaware that he was cooperating with federal investigators and was recording his conversations with her.

Their discussion that day, court records show, included her explanation for why she thought the two planned killings would not appear to be connected: They would take place on different days, and the attack at Mr. Carvalho’s workplace would not arouse suspicion “because the murder would take place in ‘the hood’ or ‘the ghetto.’”

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