Musk denies reports of Tesla vehicles being used for espionage

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American entrepreneur, Tesla founder Elon Musk has denied information that the company’s electric cars can be used for espionage purposes. This was reported on Saturday, March 20, by the Guardian newspaper.

During his speech at the China Development Forum, the director of the company commented on reports of the Chinese authorities restricting the use of Tesla electric vehicles by the military due to a possible threat to national security.

“We have a strong incentive to ensure the confidentiality of any information. If Tesla used cars for espionage in China or anywhere else, we would be closed, ”said the entrepreneur.

Musk also called for the establishment of mutual trust between the world’s major economies such as the United States and China.

Earlier, the Wall Street Joutnal newspaper said that the Chinese government will restrict the use of Tesla electric vehicles by the military, employees of strategic enterprises and government departments, as these devices can pose a threat to the country’s national security.

In July 2020, Tesla accused its rival electric car manufacturer Rivian of industrial espionage. It is alleged that four former employees of Elon Musk’s company have shared information with the new employer, which constitutes a trade secret.