Top 10 secrets Of Music festival Videography– Become A Pro

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Videographers have established themselves as essential to the modern music festival videography experience. Concerts are challenging for several reasons, as you may know from previous attempts.

They are quite loud. Some people often have insufficient lighting. Also, they are jammed into them. Now operating in real-time (you only get one chance to catch each moment). Do you know How to make concert videos sound better? Some videographers don’t care whether you make the shot; they’re random and don’t follow any script.

Though, the outcomes of your concert recording efforts might be stunning with the correct mindset, preparation, and gear. Let’s look at these suggestions for what does and does not work.

How To Do Music Festival Videography?

music festival videography

Here I’ll outline my thoughts on how to get into the music festival videography industry and how to stay relevant in the field. How to film a music festival? There are many photographers but few celebrations devoted to their art. Suppose you have access to a festival and are interested in some tactical advice for getting started as a festival photographer.

Get into a festival as a photographer.

Beginning photographers should prioritise building their portfolios above anything else. You can only learn by doing, and the only way to do that is to go out and shoot images in the field. Therefore, event videography tips for Becoming a skilled photographer take practice and dedication. Don’t bank on being paid immediately. But how does music festival videography get an entry to a festival?

  • To get experience shooting during a festival, you might ask the organisers if you can bring your camera equipment inside. You may agree to offer them the images as a thank you after the event. Do you know Filming live music performances can be fun? Festivals often have a photographic crew to document the event, so be courteous to them and out of your way.
  • You might inquire with a local news organisation about doing some shooting for them. When I was the owner of the website, I began photographing events like festivals. We helped them enter festivals so they could shoot images and promote them. Using this technique, I’ve been able to attend big music festival videography concerts. What’s more, thanks to it, I picked up a great deal of practical experience.
  • Your friend, the musician, may let you tag along to a show if you ask nicely. In addition to getting to know concert videography and some other individuals in the industry, you’ll also provide a service to the touring artist by making material for them.

Create a festival photography portfolio

Sharing your creations with others is crucial. Therefore, how to take good concert videos iPhone? But first, A photographer’s portfolio is only as strong as its weakest image. Because of changes in preference and your development, you may wish to revise and republish your portfolio frequently.

Go With Your Gut or Trends

Make sure you have a solid vision for the finished result before you start shooting your live music event. There are many different reasons for music festival videography, so it’s important to have a clear objective in mind from the beginning. You want to provide a live demonstration of your product or service to inform potential customers, so you can capture their attention and keep them engaged with your business. Then a straightforward video like a TED Talk might be the best approach.

 However, a close-up highlight reel may be more appropriate if you want to capture a performance’s dazzling, explosive energy to entice viewers to attend the next one. Before beginning a music festival videography to construct a production framework, it is important to consider the nature of the event being filmed and the goals you have for it.

Learn to be an expert

It’s important to meet people and make connections whenever possible. You may get some interesting shots of the cast and crew backstage. Show them the picture and get their contact info if you think it’s good enough to give them a copy. Similarly, filming a live music performance, It’s possible that they’ll be thrilled with the photo and will never forget your name. The wider your circle of contacts, the more probable it is that people will think of you when they have a photography need.

Get your sound ready.

Maintaining high-quality audio during a live music festival videography is a major challenge. Suppose you’re filming at an event where performers will be using earphones. In that case, you may not have access to larger, more permanent mic setups, in which case you’ll need to either use tiny mics for each camera or connect directly to the venue’s sound system. Keep your guard up even then. Moreover, you should know concert videography settings. It’s not always a good indicator of recording quality if your audio sounds OK on the venue’s speakers. Make sure there is a sound engineer on-site to keep an eye out for peaking, distortion, and other audio problems.

Mechanics of the camera

Bringing a specific camera body to a festival is not required. It’s important to check for features like long battery life, robust weather sealing, and fast autofocus (AF) in low light. Do you know what the concert videographer’s salary is? Because of these factors, professional festival photographers often use high-end single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs) such as the Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800.

There’s usually no need for more than one camera body during music festival videography at smaller events. Having a second person around may be quite useful during a music event. Second bodies are useful in case the first one fails. Additionally, having a second body with a different lens will make swapping lenses much quicker and simpler.

Pay Attention to the Details

Musical equipment (amps, cables, instruments, etc.), audience responses, delicious food, intricate camping setups, weather events, artwork displays, and sideshows. All of these elements add to the feeling that your images evoke.

When you include specifics in your festival picture series, you offer viewers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of these massive events. Be sure to focus your lens and concert photography on the finer points.

The performances at music festival videography sometimes include pyrotechnics, such as fireworks, confetti cannons, and smoke machines. Especially when you approach closer to the conclusion of the day, use a wide aperture, a high ISO, and a shutter speed of at least 1/200 second to capture nighttime confetti or fireworks in motion.

Make Yourself presentable

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of filming a music festival. Self-care, though, is crucial. Plug your ears. Consider bringing a poncho, just in case. Water is essential, so be sure to take in enough. When outside during the day, keep your head covered and apply sunscreen; when night falls, be prepared with a sweater. Wear shoes that support and cushion your feet. In case you become hungry during music festival videography or need a sugar boost, stock up on some snacks to have on hand.

Festival-goers who want to spend more than a day in the park should carry wet wipes—they’re like a mini-shower in a package and will come in handy if you get dirty. Therefore how to take good concert videos iPhone? So, bring a phone charging pod, maybe many. Battery-refilling stations are spotty at best.

Be Professional

In the wrong hands, this field may attract many individuals. In the end, your presence is required because you possess a skill to be used. It’s not cool to linger around backstage and attempt to take photos with famous people to boost your reputation. Think like your boss or client. In addition, concert videography settings are important. Who are you supposed to please? Think of the kind of things you could do for that person. Have fun, but don’t go overboard. You have to purchase the best video camera for festivals. My basic approach is to gauge the enthusiasm of the individual I’ll be working with and then exceed their level. You’ll avoid being obnoxious and make a good impression if you go about it in this manner.

To learn and improve, stay at it.

I consider education to be an ongoing process. Find a mentor, join a Facebook group where people are willing to exchange knowledge for music festival videography, watch lessons on YouTube, etc. If you feel you’ve accumulated enough information to teach others, you should start doing so. Join the ranks of those who have become role models for others. To better comprehend one’s work methods, it is important to share information with others.

Magical tips For Videographers

music festival videography

  • Carry Your Best Low-Light Camera. At a live event, the quality of your images will be affected by some elements, but one of the most important is the camera you use.
  • Change Your Focus. You must know event videography tips. Make sure to shoot with your lens wide open, taking pictures or recording video. Shooting with the aperture opened all the way will let in more light.
  • The sound that your camera and sound equipment capture during a live broadcast may be unsuitable for sharing online. That’s why it’s a good idea to record a track ahead for music festival videography of time to play over the concert footage you shoot.
  • Concert photographers and videographers should consider where they stand before snapping shots or recording footage.
  • Finding several settings and varied perspectives to capture with your live video recording and live photography is an imperative need to make your content reach other worlds, depending on the sort of content you’re trying to generate.


Remember that you’re still representing your business or organisation while music festival videography is recording an event video. Your personnel must perform professionally, from how they dress (no sweats) to how they engage with guests. Disrupting the event to create content will anger your audience. Be courteous and discreet, and treat people as you want to be treated. You may create a simple and successful event video using these seven ideas. Create your event video now to engage with Millennials.