Music duo Daft Punk have announced their disbandment

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French electronic music duo Daft Punk announced the end of cooperation after 28 years of co-creation. The team notified the fans of this by posting a video clip called Epilogue on YouTube on February 22.

In the video, musicians Tom Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, dressed in their iconic robot costumes, say goodbye in the desert. After that, one of the musicians self-destructs, and the other goes towards the rising sun.

For several hours the video was viewed by more than 530 thousand users.

The group was founded in 1993 and has propelled the French underground scene to the top charts with hits like One More Time, Da Funk and Around The World.

The band’s debut album was Homework, and in 2013 they released the single Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams and Neil Rogers.

The musicians have always avoided publicity and any kind of publicity, rarely appeared in public without headwear that completely covered their heads, and used processed computerized vocals in almost all of their major hits.

In August 2020, one of the founders of The Beatles Paul McCartney said that the legendary Liverpool rock band had disbanded due to a “family quarrel.”