MRSHLL Opens Up on the Pressure & Struggle of Being K-Pop’s First Openly Gay Artist

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In the middle of the Korean Pride Month, the young singer Mashal shared his struggles and pride in South Korea as a gay and K-pop singer.

With two new songs, MRSHLL has made little but significant progress in the highly closed entertainment industry in Korea, and it has never been possible to promote a gay artist.

Korean-born American singer (born Marshall Bang), who was released in an interview with Time Out Magazine in 2015, is exploring new areas with her new album Round and Home. They are published on FeelGhoodMusic. Although attitudes towards homosexuality are slowly changing and homosexuality is on the rise, Korea is definitely anti-homosexual, making it difficult for any celebrity or celebrity to be sexually abusive.
Many of my Korean friends say it was suicide, MRSHLL and Billboard said in an interview at a cafe in Gangnam. “I knew it wouldn’t be easy, and I knew it would be dangerous, but I wanted honesty and openness from the start.”

After moving to New York from Seoul in 2012, the courageous decision to officially work as a gay artist in the ultra-conservative K-pop country became “almost organic.” “I don’t think I deliberately chose to be a ‘gay singer’ in Korea. I never tried to cause controversy or excitement.”

Peng says he never gave up sex, although he never gave up. “I just think people wear it. I think what I was trying to say makes sense, I don’t think so, I’m silent. I did something Tingli. I didn’t say it because I didn’t say it.” I know that [Korea] is more developed than ever. Yes, but there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the LGBT community.
Despite growing public support and awareness, homosexuality is still not widely understood in Korea. Stereotypes in the LGBT community leave little room for tolerance. LGBT people are often excluded, discriminated against and discriminated against. This is mainly due to the fact that the lies and mistakes are not corrected – which MRSHLL has personally encountered.

A few days ago, my best friend, whom I considered my family, did not believe I would be a friend because he attracted me. Men are still afraid of homosexuals, and this misunderstanding is still a big problem.

Peng hopes to end stereotypes, make LGBT communities more transparent and help people overcome their musical problems. However, he quickly realizes that he does not want to represent all the “black people” in Korea. “There’s a lot of pressure here!” Add. “I can’t be a great role model because I’m human and I’m not good.”

He adds, “I’m so afraid of being labeled‘ gay ’because I’m more of a label, but if people want to put me in that category, it’s because I’m happy. I would never say no. I have no responsibility, but if I can help people positively, it’s amazing. Because I’m just music. I want to play music and, above all, I am accepted as a legitimate musician. Everything else is different for me now. ,

After years of music and the inability to find a publisher that provides music and personal freedom, MRSHLL eventually sponsored and collaborated with veteran rapists Tiger JK, Tasha and Beazy – aka MFBTE. Make a name for yourself. “I can’t imagine how I could have done it without my label,” he said. “There have never been any problems with them in my sex life, and there never have been. I was never forced or forced to “relax” or tell me anything that means everything. ”
Although no gay public figure or industrial company has publicly spoken out in support of homosexuality, Feelgood is breaking the rules and changing the history of Korean music by giving MRSHLL equal opportunities. “I really can’t imagine any other publishing house [in Korea] doing what they do,” he told Feelgood, which allowed him to stick to his personal and artistic identity. – I am very grateful.

As a guide to their first Korean EP, MRSHELL presented two songs later this year, both with Proud Atmosphere and with electro-R&B products in which they mix their catchy and airy sound. Search. reception (“houses”).


Although his promotion was widely supported and accepted, he stated that “it has not always been easy and certainly not as easy as it seems”. The eldest of three sons, MRSHLL, is still struggling to be adopted by his mother, a pastor of evangelical Christians. “I think my mom is slowly uncovering this idea, but we haven’t spoken since my NBC interview,” he says with a sigh. “Sometimes it hurts because it doesn’t have to be a big deal.”

However, MRSHLL’s bold move to risk making a career in a socially sustainable industry is truly impressive. This will not only help send a positive message to many LGBT people who are still trying to safely open their lockers, but will also pave the way for sexual capture in Korea.

“I think that’s why I was the first: I don’t want to be a negative homosexual,” he says. “It’s common, but I want people to know that there’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t have psychological trauma or delirium. The only difference is that I’m attracted to one sex. Everything else.” It’s just me, and it’s a good thing. “