Moving to a new state? Five tips for a no-hassle move

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Relocating to someplace new is an activity that every homeowner loves if it goes smoothly. But, sometimes, moving homes can lead to various unwanted issues and problems if not handled correctly. After all, moving from one state to another comes with tons of obstacles and hassles, especially if you’re leaving your existing house and relocating to a new one in another state.

Moreover, things can get overwhelming when you have to deal with the many checklists and logistics involved in making your move happen.

So, whether you’re moving to a new state for professional reasons or want to be close to your family, a state-to-state move is a major life decision you cannot take lightly. However, leaving your old city behind for a new home in a state you’re unfamiliar with will provide you with an opportunity to start a new life with your family.

Sure, you’ll be excited about what’s to come next. But, the fact of the matter is that you need to take advantage of a few state-to-state moving tips to make the entire relocation process a whole lot easier and hassle-free.

Hence, with that in mind, let us look at a few moving tips to ensure your move to a new state goes as smoothly as possible.

Leverage self-storage units. 

One of the most headache-inducing aspects of a state-to-state move is ensuring that your items and belonging remain safe before, during, and after you reach the new location. That said, self-storage facilities provide homeowners with the perfect solution to such a dilemma.

It offers them the flexibility and confidence to keep their stuff safe and secure. Not to mention, it will provide you with the perfect opportunity to declutter your current home, making packing a whole lot easier. And if you can’t do it on your own, you can hire professional organizers like CleanArte Maid Service and will surely help you with your organizing and decluttering needs.

Finding storage options is easy; type in self storage on Google to find various storage unit options. Choose one that works best for you and your budget, then start moving your stuff.

Hire professional moving services to remain sane. 

As it is a professional mover’s bread and butter to help people move homes, they know about the levels of discomfort ad stress homeowners face during a state-to-state move. However, they also understand that movers and homeowners alike will immensely benefit from the friendly and no-frills moving service they provide.

Therefore, if you’re planning to relocate to a new state soon, don’t think twice and get in touch with local professional movers to make your state-to-state move a little less complicated. In fact, these professionals will take care of everything from transporting your items, packing and unpacking moving boxes, and everything in between.

However, before you decide to put pen to paper with the first moving company you find online, do some research and shortlist a few options. Then, go with the one that offers you the best service for the lowest price.

Follow a moving calendar.

A strategically planned and organized move is the easiest way for homeowners to ensure that their state-to-state move goes without any hiccups.

That said, creating and following a timeline that leads up to the moving day will allow you to prepare yourself in advance and ensure that you don’t leave anything to the last moment, which will result in a stress-free move.

It is of the utmost importance to begin preparations as soon as possible. So, ensure that you get to work and start organizing your move at least a couple of months before your moving date. Doing so will allow you to remain organized and tackle any issues that might arise during the relocation process itself.

Create a travel plan in advance. 

If you’re planning to move to a new state on your own, account for everything related to a long-distance, statewide move. For example, a do-it-yourself approach will involve conforming route information, hotel check-ins, rental vire/truck appointments, and much more.

Furthermore, consider any extra fees and penalties you’ll have to incur if you miss your moving van/truck and hotel appointment. Moreover, don’t forget to gather as much information about extra charges you might have to pay during transportation.

However, if you decide to hire professional movers for your state-to-state move, you’ll be at peace knowing all your moving needs will be taken care of. For instance, if you select comprehensive relocation services from a reputable moving company, their moving team will take care of everything for you, as mentioned earlier.

That said if you decide to take this route, consider arriving at your new home at a time the moving company has provided you. After all, you would want to be present at the new location when the moving team unloads your moving boxes and other belongings.

Treat your movers well. 

Ensuring that you treat your movers well and keep them happy will result in an efficient, quick move. So, whether your family or friends are lending an extra pair of hands or you’ve hired professional movers, keep some snacks and drinks on hand for them, especially if you’re deciding to move during the summer season where the days are hot and long.

Your movers will love having an ice-cold beverage when they work tirelessly to make your move happen.

Furthermore, offer your help some rewards and incentives as doing so will allow them to work more diligently while providing top-notch services in the process.

Plus, don’t forget to offer a helping hand wherever you can. As a result, your moving team will appreciate that you aren’t afraid of getting involved with the move.


Relocating to a new home is already a big deal in a homeowner’s life. However, if that move is from one state to another, it will undoubtedly require more effort and time than moving houses down the block.

That said, you must always set realistic moving goals when packing for the move. You’ll be dealing with tons of moving boxes, which can lead to a different set of problems if you aren’t careful.

Furthermore, if you’re going to move on your own, ensure that you have plenty of everyday essentials, snacks, and beverages with you to survive the long state-to-state journey.