Most Russians extend their rest after the holidays

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Most Russians extend their vacation by taking a few days of vacation after the holidays. This is evidenced by data from a survey of the travel planning service OneTwoTrip, reports on Tuesday, February 23, “RIA Novosti”.

The study involved 3,310 people.

The results showed that 59% of Russians periodically use this method. Moreover, 30% of respondents most often arrange long vacations in May.

Almost the same number (29%) extend the New Year holidays. March 8 – 14%, and February 23 – 13%.

Rest longer in June, 9% of respondents want to have a day of Russia, and in November after National Unity Day, only 5% of Russians try to extend the holiday.

Travelers usually take one or two extra days – that’s what 32% of travelers said. A quarter of tourists take holidays for three to five days, and every fifth needs a week. For a period of more than seven days – 23%.

According to the survey, 63% of Russians use extra leisure time for travel, and 30% of respondents do it depending on the circumstances. The rest do not go anywhere: 45% of them spend time in the country or at home, 29% meet with friends and family, and 26% are engaged in personal affairs.

Those who do not take vacation timed to coincide with the holidays, for travel, explain this by the increased prices for tickets and hotels during this period – this answer was chosen by 23%. Another 17% do not have the financial ability to rest longer, 16% are saving up vacation days. In addition, according to 11% of respondents, there are many tourists everywhere on holidays, 9% said that short weekends are enough for them and they prefer to spend them at home or in the country. 7% of respondents have no one to travel with. Another 17% of respondents named other reasons.

At the same time, in 2021, 88% of survey participants would like to spend a holiday weekend traveling. Another 10% answered that they did not care, and 2% of respondents did not plan any trips at all.

Earlier, on February 22, it became known that in 2020 the Russians spent three to seven days on trips. For the specified period, residents of the country bought almost a third of all air tickets. Another 28% of travelers went somewhere for 2-3 days.