Most Russian job seekers want to change jobs in 2024

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Most Russian job seekers want to change jobs in 2024. This is evidenced by data from a survey conducted by the research service of the portal.

It was attended by residents of the Ryazan region. Applicants were asked what expectations they have for 2024 regarding job changes, salary increases and staff cuts.

Change of place of work or position

  • 74% of respondents intend to change jobs in the first quarter;
  • 6% of applicants are waiting for a promotion;
  • 3% want to move to another department within the organization.

Salary increase

  • 23% of respondents expect a salary increase, but do not know how much;
  • 21% do not hope for an increase;
  • 8% of applicants are confident that salaries will increase by 30%;
  • 8% expect 11-20% growth.

Downsizing in the first quarter

  • 58% of working residents of the Ryazan region think that there will be no staff reduction;
  • 25% have such expectations.

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