Moscow is considering the possibility of limiting the import of beer from the Czech Republic

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The Russian authorities are considering the possibility of asymmetric measures in relation to Prague. In particular, the import of Czech-made products, including beer, may be limited. Such a response may be given to the expulsion of a large number of Russian diplomats from Prague.

Two sources in the state structures of the Russian Federation, familiar with the discussion of the issue, told Kommersant that such measures may have to be resorted to, since it is impossible to leave “unprecedented aggressive actions of Prague” unanswered.

“If we act in a mirror, then all the Czechs should be expelled together with the ambassador, and there it’s not far from the breakdown of diplomatic relations,” one of the sources explained why an economic measure is being considered for the expulsion of diplomats.

Restrictions may affect any of the industries, but the Russian authorities will proceed from the principle “do not harm yourself.” One of the sources is sure that Czech beer will be banned, the import of which in 2020 amounted to more than $ 38 million. At the same time, the restrictions will not affect enterprises in the Russian Federation that produce Czech beer under license.

“If the import of a number of Czech goods into the Russian Federation is really banned, this will become a new turn in the conflict,” the newspaper notes.