Moscow helps Kalmykia to renew the bed fund

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Kalmykia has received the first batch of 10,000 medical beds, which will be provided by the Moscow government under an agreement reached by Batu Hasikov and Sergei Sobyanin.

On the eve of the head of Kalmykia, Batu Khasikov, reported on social networks about the arrival of new beds for medical institutions of the republic. “We are continuing our cooperation with Moscow. The situation with COVID-19 has exposed another problem of ours – a shortage of beds in medical institutions. In this matter, they found support from the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin.

On my instructions, the Ministry of Land of the Republic organized interaction with colleagues from the Moscow government, as well as the transportation of medical beds. The first batch arrived in Kalmykia today. First of all, we equip the rayon hospitals of the Maloderbetovsky and Sarpinsky districts, as well as the neuropsychiatric boarding school in Gojur.

Within a month, in all our hospitals, the bed fund will be updated, the need is 3.5 thousand. In total, about 10.5 thousand new beds will be sent to the republic. Considering that our application was more than satisfied, we will update the beds in social and educational institutions.

I am grateful to Sergei Semenovich, as well as to Ekaterina Dragunova, Chairman of the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of Moscow, for such timely assistance. The implementation of our agreements with the Moscow Mayor’s Office allows us to remove from the agenda important issues that relate to providing the population with quality services, ”wrote Batu Hasikov.

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