Moscow authorities intend to clear the city of snow in five days

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It will take five days to clear snow in Moscow, during which time it will be possible to clear the city of snowdrifts. This was announced on Saturday, February 13, by the deputy mayor of the capital, Pyotr Biryukov.

“According to the regulations, we still have five days to clean the entire city. I think that this regulation will be observed, “he said on the air of the Soloviev LIVE program.

According to him, about 70 thousand people and almost 14 thousand units of snow removal equipment are involved in cleaning the city, special attention is paid to cleaning roofs to avoid the formation of ice and falling snow masses.

All power, heat, water and gas supply systems are operating normally, Biryukov assured. In addition, there were no failures in the work of public transport, he stressed.

“Now we are all in the workplace. <...> All services, all heads of departments, prefects – all are at their workplaces, ”said the deputy mayor.

In addition, against the backdrop of bad weather and cold weather, over 40 heating and power points for drivers, as well as mobile toilet cabins, will be installed throughout the Moscow Ring Road in the next few hours, Biryukov said.

In less than two days, three quarters of the monthly rainfall fell in the city. Snowfall has not stopped in the Moscow region since February 12.

Earlier on Saturday, the mayor’s office of the capital reported that since the beginning of the bad weather, about 30 cm of precipitation fell. Snow removal is complicated by frosts down to –20 degrees at night and wind gusts up to 20 m / s.

Earlier on the same day, the Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow issued an emergency warning about the continuation of the blizzard and the increase in wind. The snowstorm will last until the end of the day on February 13.