Moscow authorities explained the importance of observing the mask regime

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Compliance with the current restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Moscow will allow not to tighten these measures in the future. This was announced on Friday, November 6, by the head of the Moscow Main Control Board Yevgeny Danchikov.

“Only compliance with all measures, restrictions will allow us not to introduce more stringent measures, as is done in most foreign countries, and defeat the spread of coronavirus infection,” Danchikova quoted TASS as saying.

According to him, in Moscow, an average of 1.5 thousand violations of the mask and glove regime are detected every day in shops, public places and shopping centers. A similar number of violations are recorded in public transport.

On the eve of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in the capital is growing, it is impossible to relax. He noted that in early November, the situation with this virus in the city began to worsen again.

In Moscow, the current remote work mode for employees of the capital’s companies has been extended until November 29, as well as the operation of the QR code identification system for visitors to nightclubs and bars. Until the end of this month, the home regimen is maintained for people over 65 and people who have chronic diseases.

From October 19, schoolchildren of the 6th-11th grades were transferred to distance learning, their social cards were suspended.

The mask and glove regime in public places has been in effect in Moscow since May 12. The fine for violation of this requirement is up to RUB 5,000. Also, Moscow passengers without masks and gloves are not allowed into public transport.

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