More than five thousand pancakes will try to bake at Maslenitsa in the Karelian capital

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At the “Shirokaya Maslenitsa”, which will be held this Sunday, March 14, in Petrozavodsk on Kirov Square, the townspeople are waiting for branded “Ladushki-pancakes”, promised in the city hall. The signature pancakes will be traditionally baked by the chef of all city holidays, Anton Kalinin. It is important – a huge frying pan will be located at the Glade of Records site. The organizers want to break the Kursk record – they managed to bake 5121 pancakes during the day on Maslenitsa.

Last year, an expert from the Russian Book of Records attended a holiday in Petrozavodsk, where they were going to bake the largest pancake in the country, but it craftily torn.

However, we had the largest rolling pin in the country.

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