More than 800 people rested on the Tambov ski slope in 5 days

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On January 15, a ski slope started working in Tambov. This was facilitated by the established frosty weather – earlier, due to the small snow cover, it did not work. Therefore, lovers of the winter active lifestyle immediately seized the opportunity and more than 800 in the first days went snowboarding or skiing.

It is the rental of this winter equipment that can be used on the descent. For an hour of rent, you will have to pay 150 rubles on weekdays and 300 rubles on a weekend. Another option is to take your own inventory and then descend for free. You can also use the services of a children’s instructor or a lift (from 15 to 350 rubles, depending on the day and time) in order not to climb the slope on your own.

Everyone can use the slope at the same time. Someone can just slide down, someone is trying to master some tricks. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to ride on the ski slope on cheesecakes. You can use this folk shell a little to the side, on a separate gentle slope.

At the same time, the frosty weather both helped the lovers of winter recreation and spoiled the pleasure. Renting a snowboard is prohibited at temperatures below -15 degrees, as plastic mounts become very fragile in the cold.

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