More than 30 people injured in riots in the Old City of Jerusalem

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Riots occurred at the Shechem Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday, April 22, as police tried to prevent clashes between Arab and Jewish youth.

The first clashes broke out after the end of the evening prayer in the month of Ramadan, when hundreds of young Muslims staged a demonstration at the Shechem gate of the Old City and began throwing stones at the police, RIA Novosti reports.

According to Israeli police spokesman Mikhail Zingerman, several people were detained and two police officers were injured.

He added that the demonstration was declared illegal and the participants were asked to disperse.

It is noted that a column of right-wing Israeli youth has moved to the scene of the riots. The police took steps to prevent clashes between the two groups.

As noted by the representative of the Red Crescent, during the clashes in Jerusalem, 32 Palestinians were injured, 12 of them were taken to hospital.

The aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict occurred in May 2018, after the United States opened a new embassy in Israel, moving it from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Thus, the States de facto recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state. Palestine considers part of the city its territory.

On April 16, it was reported that Israel attacked military targets of the radical Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip.