Modest people take up less space

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The dance movement therapist will talk about body clamps.

On April 29, Tula people celebrated the International Dance Day. And earlier “MK in Tula” published material with a psychologist and dance-movement therapist Anastasia Zaitseva. The girl helps people who turn to her to solve painful topics for them. The psychologist works not only verbally, but also pays great attention to body language.

According to Anastasia, the clamp can show what problems a person is experiencing. The dance-movement therapist conducts diagnostics through the body, and then, with the help of him, he solves the discovered problem.

“A humble and shy person will want to take up less space. He will squeeze his shoulders, he will have short movements “, – notes some features of the psychologist.

According to the psychologist, such a person can be asked to expand his movements so that he takes up more space in space. She notes that by acting on the body in a certain way, there is a chance to correct the problem.

“Systematic broad gestures will add confidence to him. In this case, people even change their speech, ”- notes Anastasia.

We will remind, earlier “MK in Tula” published the material: “Read” your body: a tulle girl helps to solve psychological problems with the help of dance.

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