Mitch McConnell contortionist

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The American political class, the Republican Party and the media will have to wait a little longer to get rid of Donald Trump. Fresh out of impeachment proceedings and confronted, in court, with a scrupulous analysis of his income tax returns, the 45e president behaves like a true godfather of his political formation.

After Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham and Nikki Haley (who launched his “rebellion” prematurely), it was the turn of the Republican leader of the Senate to fall into line. Yesterday, he said he would not hesitate to support Donald Trump’s candidacy if he was a candidate in 2024.

McConnell’s talents as a contortionist have been evident for quite some time. I no longer count the cases in which he was able to assert one thing and its opposite. Endowed, like many politicians, with a prodigious but selective memory, he knows how to look away when necessary. Like many strategists, all his decisions and statements are guided by only one “principle”: victory.

Support for a Trump candidacy in 2024 comes just days after a vigorous denunciation by McConnell of his role in the attack on the Capitol on January 6. The Senate leader, anxious not to further divide the senators of his party, did not go so far as to vote in favor of impeachment, but he said that the president was indeed responsible for the escalation.

Already this statement, coupled with his refusal to support impeachment, demonstrated McConnell’s great “flexibility”. How can he then support a candidacy of the same man in 2024, when seven deaths are associated with this manifestation of internal terrorism?

The answer is blindingly clear. Since denouncing Trump’s remarks, McConnell has suffered a real sling and the wrath of the godfather. Not only does McConnell have to swallow his words, but he suffers a rare humiliating setback. If he still needed confirmation of Trump’s grip on the Republican Party, I think he was convinced this time around.

Over the coming weekend, the American Conservatives (CPAC) are holding their annual meeting. Who will be the most anticipated speaker? Donald Trump. He will deliver his first official speech on Sunday since leaving the White House.

Not only the 45e President will he reign supreme on the meeting, but we have organized discussion groups that will once again shine the spotlight on his electoral whims. We will therefore discuss fraud, the bias of judges and the bias of almost all the media.

How far will we push this alternative reality experience? We will also analyze the electoral procedures of Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Even though these states have Republican legislatures, it is believed that progressives are pulling all the strings.

I have had the opportunity to say over and over again, in radio and television interviews, that when I want to gauge the balance of power in Republicans, I turn my gaze to Mitch McConnell. His behavior and his statements are my surest indicator of the state of affairs. We can now agree that he has capitulated. More moderate Republicans, like Democrats and Independents, will now be watching Donald Trump’s run-ins in court very closely. One or more sentences could moderate its ardor for 2024. Perhaps …