Miranda Devine slams Dr. Fauci’s COVID flip-flops and contradictions: ‘He’s been all fear, no responsibility’

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“It is purely politics,” Fox News contributor and New York Times columnist Miranda Devine told “Fox News Primetime,” reacting to Dr. Anthony Fauci saying it’s “common sense” that outdoor risk of contracting COVID-19 is “quite low,” particularly if you are a vaccinated person.

MIRANDA DEVINE: This is a man [Fauci] who is never reliable. You can’t trust anything he says. He’s not only flipped and flopped and contradicted himself, but he’s also lied to us, and admitted that he lied to us for our good, a noble lie. No lie is a good lie when you are needing the public to trust you, and particularly now when talking about people getting vaccinated. Unfortunately, Anthony Fauci is the frontman for the vaccine and you look at him, do you have any faith in what he says? He has locked us up for a year. This is the first time he has actually been able to bring himself to say a word like “minuscule risk.” He says, “I don’t want to get in front of the CDC,” that’s exactly what he wants to do, this is what he does all the time.

You were just talking about cults and this cult of Fauci is the most damaging in the country. For over a year he has held sway over every part of our lives and in fact, the lives of people all over the world because people look to America to see how to conduct their lives. He’s basically been all fear, no responsibility. He waxes and wanes, doesn’t understand how much input people put on his every announcement.


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