Ministry of Health warns of high risk of tuberculosis in survivors of COVID-19

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Patients who have had coronavirus have an increased risk of developing tuberculosis, the Ministry of Health warned.

In this regard, at the initial stage of managing a patient with suspected coronavirus, it should also be examined for tuberculosis in order to prevent the development of combined pathology, follows from the tenth version of the recommendations of the department for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, published on February 8.

“After suffering COVID-19, many patients develop pronounced residual changes in the form of fibrosis in the lungs. It can be assumed that this category of patients has an increased risk of developing tuberculosis in the future. Thus, tuberculosis may occur before, simultaneously or after the transferred COVID-19, ”it was reported.

It is noted that the consequences of infection with coronavirus in patients with tuberculosis are not completely clear, but there are publications that say that the presence of tuberculosis, including latent tuberculosis, will worsen the course of COVID-19.

Earlier, on February 5, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said that the coronavirus in Russia was receding, and the number of patients with COVID-19 under observation decreased by almost a third.

He noted that currently about 800 thousand people are still under medical supervision.

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