Ministry of happiness will be created in Kamchatka

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The governor of Kamchatka, Vladimir Solodov, announced on October 1 that a Ministry of Happiness would be created in the region.

“I am currently reforming the authorities of the Kamchatka Territory, and we decided to create a Ministry of Happiness. Officially, its full name is the Ministry of Social Welfare and Family Policy, but in short it is about happiness. It is important for me to make this transition, to get away from the “ministry of the offended and disadvantaged,” the press service of the regional government quotes Solodov.

He noted that the authorities will deal with people in a difficult situation, but the task is not simply to deal with problems, but to make residents prosperous and happy.

“Maybe it sounds a little pretentious and declarative from our lips, but in fact, I think, there can be no other motivation for the head of the region,” added Solodov.

In addition, the head of the region has already launched a reform of the executive authorities. As a result, five ministries will be enlarged, six bodies will be completely abolished, five will be renamed and two agencies will become ministries.

It became known last week that the average length of a healthy and happy life in Russia is 46.5 years, writes.

In April, VTsIOM conducted a study and found that the majority of Russians surveyed by sociologists (81%) feel happy to varying degrees.

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