Ministry of Emergency Situations reminded of responsibility for false call

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The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Khabarovsk Territory reminded that jokers who make false calls to rescuers and firefighters could face a fine from 1 thousand rubles to 1.5 thousand rubles.

“A child’s prank or rash actions of adults to call emergency services can turn into a tragedy,” the department said, reminding that a false call could cost someone their lives.

The press service added that the operational services are required to respond to any message, since there is never a guarantee that the call is false. At the same time, while firefighters and rescuers spend time looking for “imaginary” victims, other people may really be in conditions of threat to life and health.

The department also reminded parents of the need to tell children about the inadmissibility of such entertainment and added that for failure to fulfill their obligations to support and educate minors, guardians or parents of juvenile offenders are brought to administrative responsibility. They could face a warning and a fine.

On February 6, the EMERCOM of Russia reminded of the rules for organizing safe winter travel. The Ministry of Emergency Situations reminded of the need for a tourist group to submit an application, and also recommended that they familiarize themselves with the weather forecast before starting the trip and postpone the trip at an abnormally low temperature.

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