Ministry of Economic Development proposed a way to combat unemployment

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The Ministry of Economics proposed another method to reduce the number of unemployed Russians, follows from the new passport of the federal project “Involvement in Entrepreneurship”. Unemployed citizens will be retrained into entrepreneurs and taught to run their own business. According to the results, it is assumed that by 2024 the former unemployed will open at least 1.2 thousand new businesses.

The training will be free of charge and will be held on the basis of the centers “My Business”, created within the framework of the national project in all regions, the Ministry of Economic Development said. Pilot courses will be launched in 15 regions, including the Smolensk and Vladimir regions, Krasnodar and Perm regions, Kaliningrad and Chuvashia, but then the experiment can be scaled up to the whole country with a simultaneous increase in target indicators.

“Citizens who have completed the training will be able to start their own business, receive an allowance from the employment centers to start a business, as well as help from the centers“ My Business ”in registration and further support,” said Inna Dadayan, director of the Department of Investment Policy and Entrepreneurship Development of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The program is unlikely to reduce unemployment and increase the number of new companies, because those who have lost their jobs do not have the start-up capital to start a business, experts doubt.

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