Mikhalkov drank Shapan from his throat on the set of “Evening Urgant”

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During the shooting of the program “Evening Urgant” Nikita Mikhalkov sipped champagne straight from the bottle. Writes about this edition Star Hit. The dashing use of alcohol did not prevent the director from talking with the presenter about the development of cinema and about his own children. Mikhalkov admitted to Urgant that he was pleased with how his daughter Anna’s career was developing. He is sure that the actress has taken her own niche. She does not rush to all roles in a row, but is removed where her talent is revealed most fully.

Mikhalkov also shared his opinion on the current state of affairs in cinema. He believes that nowadays there are almost no great films. All cult films are from the 70s. Everything else falls short of this level. From the best contemporary Nikita Sergeevich singled out the tape “Birdman”.