Mention The Different Types Of Fabric Used In Tailoring Blazers

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Men can change formal to occasional wear simply by adding a blazer to the existing outfit. Blazers can transform the simple look into a rich look, and there is plenty of variation available for men to select the blazer that suits them the best. Blazers are suitable for occasions and official meetings, and it is the must outfit option for men to wear at parties and gatherings. Now custom blazers are available, and men can buy them from the best tailors in the industry.


Fabric Used In Tailoring Blazers:


Blazers are suitable for all occasions and even for sports activities. However, there is a slight change in addressing blazers, and it also depends on the place where the individuals wear these blazers. 


The basic fabric is crucial to maintaining the texture and bringing blazers comfort. The fabric and color go hand in hand to enhance the look of the individual, and hence, it is crucial to select the best fabric to tailor blazers.


The custom blazers are tailored using the following fabric and based on the client’s requirements. The fabric includes


  • Cotton Fabric
  • Raymond Fabric
  • Tweed Fabric
  • Velvet Fabric
  • Woollen Fabric
  • Silk Fabric


Each material is unique in its features, and wool is the fabric that suits the best for the winter season. However, excluding wool fabric, all the other fabrics go well with all the seasons and becomes the best choice for men. 


Get The Perfect Texture:


The texture of blazers is crucial to give the best outlook. Therefore, the tailors use the fabric guide to combine the colors to get the best and perfect texture of blazers that could attract the customers to a greater extent. 


The guide on different fabrics and clothes guides attractively tailoring custom blazers. Fabric is the factor that brings perfect finishing and comfort to the customers.


Hence, it is crucial to use the best fabric while tailoring blazers for men. 


Different Types Of Blazers For Men:


Based on styles and patterns, different types of blazers are available for men, and the types are

  • Men’s sports Linen blazers
  • Jodhpuri men’s blazer
  • Double-breasted solid blazer
  • Tweed formal blazer for men
  • Men’s corduroy slim fit blazer
  • Casual leather blazers
  • Velvet blazer
  • Double color blazer
  • Party wear blazer for men
  • Designer blazer for special occasions
  • White blazers for wedding ceremonies
  • Woolen blazers for men


Apart from the mentioned blazer types, lot more patterns are available for men to select the best blazer type. 


Reasons To Wear Blazers:


Specific reasons lie behind blazers, and the most common reasons are listed here for wearing blazers.


  • Blazers make them look slimmer and stronger
  • They help in keeping the collars inline
  • Blazers help in hiding the ironed marks or un-ironed patterns of the shirts
  • Blazers suits with all outfits
  • It gives a stunning look to the individuals


All these reasons are common, and there are also a lot more reasons available for men to wear blazers. The added advantage of blazers is that men can use them in all seasons, and it is also possible to customize blazers with the preferred fabric. 




Tailor the blazers from the best available tailors in the industry to make them look elegant and stylish. Please select the best fabric to customize blazers as it can go with all formal and occasional outfits.