Meghan Markle reacted to the detective’s confession about her surveillance

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British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle consider it important to recognize a private detective who was hired by the media to spy on them. A spokesman for the Dukes of Sussex told the BBC.

Thus, the couple reacted to the confession of private detective Daniel Hanks, who said that he was hired by The Sun to follow Markle and convey all information about her. Moreover, the detective managed to find and disclose personal information about Prince Harry’s beloved.

Hanks expressed regret about the situation and said that he was ready to contact the lawyers of the Dukes of Sussex

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex believe that today is an important moment for the media industry and society at large to reflect. This investigation report shows that the predatory practices of yesteryear are still ongoing, causing irreversible damage to families and relationships, ”a spokesman for the BBC couple commented.

Earlier, on March 14, it became known that representatives of Buckingham Palace engaged a third-party law firm to investigate complaints from employees of the royal court regarding the behavior of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle.

It is noted that this decision may complicate the already tense relations between the participants in the process. Sources close to the royal family emphasized that the investigation could lead to “the worst incidents.”

On March 11, Prince William reacted to the scandalous interview of his brother’s wife Meghan Markle, noting that there is no racism in the royal family.

On March 7, in an interview with CBS, the wife of the British prince said that some members of the royal family had concerns about the skin color of their unborn son, Markle Archie. Markle did not name names so as not to cause “serious damage”, and added that her husband told her about it.

Last January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their desire to relinquish the duties of senior members of the royal family and gain financial independence from Buckingham Palace.