Medinsky named history textbooks in which Putin did not find the Battle of Stalingrad

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The head of the Russian military history society, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky said that the improvement of the educational process in history in schools should continue. The statement sounded like a commentary on the words of Vladimir Putin, who, at the announcement of his message to the Federal Assembly, complained that a number of history students did not mention the Battle of Stalingrad.

According to Medinsky, “a historical and cultural standard has been developed” and the publications published within its framework “have everything you need about the Battle of Stalingrad.” At the same time, he noted that one should “continue to improve the educational process” with regard to teaching history.

“It is very significant that the president drew attention to this,” he added.

Medinsky also said that Putin spoke in his message about textbooks that were created in the 90s. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said earlier that the textbook to which Putin referred has not yet been found in the Kremlin.

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