Medical student dies after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine

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A “perfectly healthy” medical student lost his life in France last week, a week and a half after receiving a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, the daily reported. West France Monday.

The body of Anthony Rio, a 24-year-old medical student, was found last Thursday in his apartment in Nantes, after his family worried about his silence.

The young man is believed to have perished from internal bleeding caused by thrombosis, a daily source said.

However, the student had received a dose of the vaccine developed by the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical AstraZeneca on March 8, ten days before his death.

This vaccine has raised a number of questions in recent weeks because of the risk of thrombosis it would pose. The authorities and the manufacturer assure that the product does not create a higher risk, but the fact remains that several investigations have been launched to date and that some European countries have temporarily suspended the vaccination campaign with AstraZeneca vaccine, time to find out more.

Mr. Rio’s family are questioning his death and the potential link to the vaccine. “My brother, beyond being a brilliant person, took care of him. He was careful what he ate, he played sports. Above all, he had no medical history, no illness, nothing. He was in perfect health, ”Anthony’s older brother told West France.

The vaccine developed by AstraZeneca has started to be deployed in Canada. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) initially recommended it only be used by people under the age of 65, before changing their minds and recommending its use for all Canadians. Remember that Quebec, which ensures that this vaccine is safe, ignored NACI’s advice, unlike most of the other provinces.