Medical staff training program will be launched in the Belgorod region

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A medical training program is being implemented in the Belgorod Region. Acting Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced its development. He explained this by the fact that in many parts of the region, especially in sparsely populated rural areas, there is a lack of doctors and nurses. In general, the shortage of medical personnel is estimated at 13%.

Gladkov is sure that it is necessary to create a motivation system for young and future specialists. So, according to the Acting Governor, the desire to become a doctor should be formed from kindergarten, and at school, interest in medicine can be awakened by creating specialized medical classes. Thus, competent motivation from an early age will inspire young people to enter medical universities according to the target enrollment, and after graduation, young specialists will return to work in their small homeland.

The authorities will try to create all conditions for doctors so that they do not want to leave the village. We are talking, among other things, about solving the housing problem. In addition, the implementation of the Zemsky Doctor program will continue, according to which doctors who move to the village receive 1 million rubles.

As writes, now more than 31 thousand people work in the healthcare sector of the Belgorod region. At the primary level, the staffing rate is 87.4%. In some hospitals, the staff deficit reaches 20%. There are no chief doctors in the three central district hospitals.