Media: the detainee on suspicion of treason is associated with Safronov

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Demuri Voronin, detained in Moscow by the special services, is a citizen of Russia and the Federal Republic of Germany, according to the Telegram channel Life-Shot. He was in Moscow on official business, after which he rested with friends. They filed a statement with the police about Voronin’s disappearance.

On February 14, Voronin was supposed to fly to Germany, but he never showed up for the flight. The common-law wife and friends began to worry. The wife tried to fly from Germany to Russia to find out the fate of her husband, but she was denied leave. Voronin himself had previously told his wife about the fear of flying to Russia after the incident with a journalist friend Ivan Safronov, who is accused of high treason.

It is assumed that the detention of Voronin is somehow connected with the Safronov case. Official information from the authorities has not yet been received. Safronov’s lawyer, meanwhile, denies any connection between the case of his client and Voronin’s detention.