Media: Russian citizens are less likely to ignore cyber threats

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Over the past two, the number of citizens who ignore cyber threats has decreased in Russia. If in 2019 this figure was 23%, then in 2021 it was 12%. The Izvestia edition writes about this with reference to industry experts.

“The catalyst was not the very fact of the transition of the economy and everyday life to the online, but the widespread requirement of employers for their telecommuters to use digital protection,” said Anton Ponomarev, director of ESET’s corporate business department.

According to Vseslav Solenik, director of the center of expertise of the company-developer of corporate information security systems R-Vision, the growing interest of Russians in cybersecurity issues was influenced by the increased activity of telephone and Internet fraudsters, as well as phishing mailings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The educational work of the state, the Central Bank, market players, the professional community and the media also plays a role in this,” he explained.