Media: Police detained actor Pal for beating ex-hockey player

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Actor Alexander Pal was detained and taken to the police station. They also detained one more person with him, who admitted his involvement in the beating of former hockey player Kevin Antipov.

Now law enforcement agencies are looking for a third participant in the attack, REN reports.

Meanwhile, the Telegram channel “112” reports that Kevin Antipov himself was drunk after celebrating his father’s birthday on the day of the attack. He could not defend himself in such a state, and three men beat him “with extreme harshness” during an attack on the street.

As a result of the fight, the injured ex-hockey player of the CSKA youth team Antipov had an eye bone knocked out and his cheekbones were fractured. After the beating, Antipov claimed that Pal was drunk, and possibly under the influence of prohibited substances.

At the same time, Pal himself denied the information about the attack. He noted that this is the first time he hears about this story.

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