Media: Part of the Republicans called on the head of the party for independence from Trump

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Representatives of the US Republican Party criticized the chairman of the National Committee Ronna McDaniel for loyalty to former President Donald Trump. The Washington Post newspaper writes about it. Journalists note that McDaniel really strives to keep the disgraced politician’s favor.

Party members are putting increasing pressure on the head of the National Committee ahead of a meeting in Dallas next week. Some of the party’s supporters believe that in order to hold fair primaries on the eve of the 2024 elections, it is not necessary now to single out any of the potential candidates.

Most often, critics blame McDaniel for the fundraising event, which was held on April 10. It was held at the Donald Trump club in Mar-a-Lago. Moreover, the ex-president himself offered to hold it there. In response to the remark of fellow party members, the head of the National Committee replied that an offer of assistance from any of the party leaders could also be accepted.