Media: Elizabeth II will share the plane with the prime minister

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Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain will use the aircraft of the country’s premier Airbus A330s Voyager after four BAe 146 airliners, on which she has flown so far, are decommissioned.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the British authorities will announce the decommissioning of the liners in a comprehensive review of security, defense and foreign policy issues, which will be published on March 16.

According to the newspaper, the 32nd Royal Squadron, which carries out air transportation of Elizabeth II and all members of the royal family, will now include only the AW 109 helicopter.

According to the newspaper, the monarch will probably use the board of the British premier Airbus A330s Voyager, which Boris Johnson repainted last year in the colors of the UK flag for $ 1.1 million. For this he was criticized by the public, accusing him of ineffective spending of public funds. The plane was equipped with an office, about 60 business class seats, as well as 100 economy class seats. The aircraft was also equipped with an anti-missile system.