May catch: what kind of fish do Tula fish catch in Upa

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Tula residents are actively sharing photos of the May catch on social networks. Moreover, the Upa River remains a popular fishing spot. Here you can find crucian carp, bream, roach, perch and even pike.

Inveterate fishermen armed themselves with all the necessary tackle and went to the ponds seething due to spawning, despite the cloudy windy weather.

In just a couple of days in May, dozens of posts with a rich catch appeared in the Fishing in Tula and Tula Region community. We present a selection of photographs with the catch of Tula fishermen.

“The current in Upa is small, there is little debris, it could not but rejoice. I was in this location of the river for the first time, and it became interesting to see who lives here. Our Upa is not easy, at each site everything is different, it’s like it’s not one river ”, – say the residents of the regional center.

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