Massive Class Changes in LOST ARK gold as well as NERFS and BUFFS

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Some of the changes are significant, while others are straightforward and interesting. We will talk about our current courses in the west, as well as those that have been announced, such as Glaiver and the Destroyer, among others. Others will not participate because, generally speaking, more changes may have been made by the time we receive the results. In the event that you are a new balanced patch, and class changes are extremely frequent in lost ark gold, this means that meta changes are also extremely common. I would also encourage you not to be too disappointed if the class you are currently maintaining is nerfed, because, as I previously stated, the balance patch is very frequent and your class may be restored to its original position the next time it is applied to the balance patch. The developers have devised a strategy that will make all classes extremely feasible at the end of each day. Class reorganization will be studied and implemented beginning in the year 2022, but I can’t say that I blame you for wanting to do it from the beginning.


This is especially true when generating the blue core, where the change in RNG is much less noticeable. 


The blue core is employed as a professional mechanic, and it has the ability to use the purple skill to strike more powerfully. Many skills now have guaranteed core generation, and more and more courses are being obtained as a result of this guaranteeing core generation. Some popular skills now have attack speed tripods instead of the old random number generator, which is a welcome change in order to incorporate more core mechanics. This will generally reduce game volatility and make it easier to control the action.


The wind’s whisper


the tripod:


  • the wind’s oath


  • the possibility of a critical strike in the past


And now that the mana has been restored,This may actually change in the future. Let’s say you want to build a little. Some other skills deal damage from the front to the back, which is advantageous for a war dancer. Then there’s their carving. According to this, at Level 3, the scraper gains 24% in massive gain, the damage of PV content increases, several skills are slightly changed and they become nerds’ sides. In addition, some impact skills have been reorganized into counterattack rather than head attacks. In conjunction with the current tizhu class carving, their destruction awakening explosion has been slightly enhanced. At Level 3, the damage dealt by soul warriors has increased by 5% compared to Level 1.


At this point, I’m not sure they even know where this lovely class is supposed to be heading. Except for awakening, the damage dealt by every skill in PvE has increased by 30% while in PVP the damage dealt by every skill has increased by 9%, mostly due to a reduction in the damage dealt by awakening. When it comes to awakening, their two skills have both gained 9% in effectiveness, and awakening has gained an incredible 55 damage increase, which may make the first awakening construction feasible once more in the future. Anyhow, let’s get to the interesting part, shall we? Energy release is no longer a source of damage gain for you and your teammates.


Finally, the damage done by solfist energy overflow carving has increased by a small amount. 


Glaivier, a class that is expected to be released for us later this month, has undergone some changes, the most notable of which is the addition of key departments such as speed and damage. However, there are some tensions between the class and the rest of the game. Some skill forwards have seen little or no improvement. It’s important to note that lightning tiger strike no longer breaks through the boss, which means you won’t be able to use it as a positioning skill going forward. A few tweaks were made to my game, including the pistol carving in the wake-up area, which now deals more than 10% damage at Level 3 instead of 10%. With adjustments and enhancements, the Gunners have received some interesting changes, and the overall PV damage has been increased by 5% as a result of these changes.


Some skills, such as air raid and self guided barrage, have had their neutralization levels reduced, while others, such as napalm strike and multiple rocket launcher, have had their neutralization levels increased. It is simpler to participate in faster cross-checking because you do not have to wait for donation or skill animation to complete before you can begin. In addition, flamethrowers and napalm shots no longer have counterattack attributes, which is fantastic because it means that if we use hit master carving, they will now deal more damage. This is very common in many constructions, especially later constructions. I believe that when we can get five to six prints, the turret wake-up skill is also improved, as is the HP in the PvE content. I believe that this is a good thing, but it does not really solve the fundamental problem, which is randomness. Finally, the bombing mode was modified so that we could sprint while the bombs were being dropped, eliminating the state and gaining immediate freedom.


Additionally, sharpshooters will benefit from this change. This will be especially true for their professional mechanics, as they will be able to generate Hulk resources more quickly in both the PvE and PvP wake-up skills. It will also restore the energy to 100% in the second companion’s professional carving. Instead of the original 30% increase, your attack power has now been increased by 10%. Despite the fact that the three Gunners have experienced some changes and gains, their pistol skill has been hampered by PVP. During their professional carving hunting time, they have achieved a critical hit probability of 5% at the third level. Let’s continue to observe the magician and learn about a counter effect in the prelude to the storm: When the target wizard’s identity is weakened, all of their debuffs have an additional 1 second duration for the duration of the debuff.


In PvE content, there is a 5% damage increase. This is a summary of the main um balance patch that was applied this week on the Korean server. It is important to remember that whenever developers change the balances of classes or reorganize them, they will view the data based on the pop-up window that appears at the end of the game.