Marine Le Pen expresses confidence in her election victory

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Leader of the National Rally Party Marine Le Pen is confident that she will win the upcoming presidential elections in France in 2022. She expressed this opinion on Thursday, March 11, on the air of the BFMTV channel.

“I think I’ll win the presidential election,” she said.

The leader of the far-right French party added that if she wins, she intends to run for a second term, which will give her the opportunity to fully implement her program. The politician does not exclude that he will form a government with the participation of some other forces, noting that her “most cherished desire” is a “government of unity.” She stressed that she has a year ahead of her to explain to the French what she is going to do.

Le Pen noted that the French “for 30 years have given a chance to prove themselves to all the traditional options: right, left. At the same time, we did not see much difference between them ”. As for the current government, she said, it “has absorbed the worst features of the left and right.”

The head of the National Rally, which is strongly opposed to immigration, denied charges of “xenophobia.”

“I have no negative attitude towards foreigners, I have no hatred, I am not afraid of foreigners,” she said.

Earlier in February, a poll revealed that 67% of French voters believe that Marine Le Pen and incumbent President Emmanuel Macron can again fight in the second round of presidential elections in 2022, but 70% of respondents do not want such a confrontation. If, nevertheless, the incumbent president and leader of the National Association really turns out to be in the second round, then, in the opinion of 37% of the French, Macron will win, and 25% believe that Le Pen. Another 38% said they did not know or found it difficult to answer.

In the second round of the 2017 French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron won 66.1% of the vote, while his rival Marine Le Pen got 33.9%.

In October 2019, the chairman of the National Unification Party, Marine Le Pen, announced that she intends to nominate herself for the presidency of France in 2022, if the party members support her in this.