March 21 – Verbosity, which is forbidden to do on the Spring Solstice

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When the willow brings good luck to the house, and when it brings death

The vernal equinox in 2021 falls on March 21. Our ancestors especially revered the dates associated with the solar cycle, and this day was considered the beginning of real spring. What are the signs associated with this day?

In Russia, it was believed that at the spring equinox, the messengers of Paradise – larks, who bring warm weather with them, fly to people. “The sun will come to our windows too“, – people used to say, expectations of spring birds.

Larks on March 21 brought warm weather

How to bring good luck to your home:

On this day, the willow was especially revered – by this date it usually blossomed: “Time for willow to be silvery“. In order to improve relations and everyday life, willow twigs were brought into the house. According to popular beliefs, this tree does an excellent job of expelling all evil spirits, and also drives away ailments and bad mood.

What is forbidden to do on this day:

For all the human love for the willow, oppressive superstitions were also associated with it. So, it was forbidden to plant this tree, while people said: “Whoever plants a willow prepares a spade for himself“. This means that when the tree grows to a certain size from which it will be possible to carve a shovel, on that day the person will die.

Useful pussy willow recipes:

Peasants in Russia loved to use the willow for medicinal purposes. They dried its bark in ventilated attics, then boiled the bark with berries and flowers, and rinsed the mouth and throat with broth in case of illness. Willow bark powder was used to stop the blood.

Various decoctions were very popular for treatment in Russia.

Folk signs:

If the clouds are high on March 21 and fly across the sky, the weather will be warm and soft. It was also believed that if a blizzard begins and the snow falls tightly on the fields, then a generous harvest of bread and vegetables will be expected.

Name days are celebrated on this day:

Afanasy, Vladimir, Ivan.