Many benefits of traditional carpet tiles

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Carpet tiles are a choice for many smart homeowners who have fallen into the difficult and complex nature of traditional wide carpets. Formerly known as Carpet Square, it has long been used in commercial settings and is now a popular choice for residential floors.

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Carpets have a long and complex history of about 4,000 years, up to the third millennium BC. The oldest carpet found in Siberia b. e is believed to have been built in the 5th century. Traditionally, one should not walk on the carpet floor in order to create a beautiful work of art made of thousands of knots. Unfortunately, carpet technology has not changed in thousands of years.

The Buy Rugs Online industry changed forever in the 1930s. Many entrepreneurs have developed a way of using carpets to make carpets, and they are something for the emerging middle class almost at night. With the introduction of synthetic fibers, carpet-to-wall laying was a common practice until the late 1950s.

Recently, carpet tiles have been modernized, much like carpets. Introduced in the United States in the late 1980’s, it was a popular choice for office and other business locations. Today, carpet tiles come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs, just like ordinary carpets.


Carpet tiles have more advantages over traditional carpets. Safe homeowners and trend setters are embracing carpet tiles for their many benefits.

The logistics are usually 12 carpets wide and 150 feet long. A 100-foot-long carpet that weighs an average of 1/2 pound per square meter can weigh up to 600 pounds. Thus, in addition to the painful size, they often require at least two people to drive and operate the truck. Carpet tiles, on the other hand, vary in size, but are usually 12 “18” square, with 6-12 pieces together. A set of carpet tiles is light and compact, almost anyone can carry one or two things and even a small car.

Storage – In addition to basic supplies, there is essential storage. The rest of the carpet tiles can be placed in a shop or closet. The rest of the rig roll is more complicated to keep, regardless of length, the rig roll will always be 12 feet wide, most cabinets are large and certainly not intelligent, it may take two people to carry it.

Small Spaces – A 12 foot wide carpet is a good choice for large open spaces but is not suitable for small spaces that are common in most homes and offices. Carpets and passages are difficult to handle when dealing with complex carpets. Small carpet tiles have a clear advantage here.

Dirt – The advantage of having small and carpet tiles is that it ensures waste reduction and ultimately saves money. The steering wheel of the carpet does not provide flexibility according to the size, only the width and length vary. Of course, a 12 foot wide carpet roll would work better than a 12 foot wide one, and if this area were 10 feet or 14 feet wide there would be a lot of debris. Carpet tiles purchased in an area of ​​6-12 square feet ensure that there is enough carpet to finish the work and the remaining carpets are significantly reduced. The average floor plan can be completed with less than 5% residue using carpet tiles.


Design Aesthetics – The design flexibility is reduced when using traditional carpets. The only option for creativity is to choose the color and length. Carpet tiles provide ample opportunities for creativity. In addition to light colors and lengths, carpet tiles have the advantage of coming in a variety of sizes. The intelligent nature of the carpet tiles allows you to change the color and size as well as the direction. Creative designers can create unique patterns on the carpet, illuminate the room, as well as create visual separation between spaces.


Installation is a process that often requires the labor of these valuable professionals to glue, glue, cut, glue, tie and spread traditional carpets. Carpet tiles are very easy to install. Only tile floors are installed and cut to fit. No special glue or adhesive is required and they do not damage the core layer. Anyone can lay out carpet tiles with DIY people explaining their popularity.