Mandatory products for heat treatment named in China

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On February 22, the Chinese edition of Sohu published a list of foods that should not be eaten raw.

So, it is necessary to subject meat to heat treatment in order to rid the product of blood and bacteria. In addition, the author of the article recommends soaking the pieces before blanching.

Pickled foods, dried foods and fresh vegetables such as celery, asparagus and young zest should be scalded to reduce the saltiness and nitrite content.

It is also recommended to pour boiling water over green and regular beans to avoid digestive problems. Cooking is also needed for foods that are difficult to peel, such as cauliflower and broccoli. There, according to the journalist, traces of pesticides may remain or insects may settle.

At the same time, it is necessary to blanch products with a high content of oxalic acid: spinach, young bamboo shoots, young sprouts of zitsania and bitter gourd.

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