Man arrested for venturing into zoo elephant enclosure with his daughter

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A San Diego man was arrested Friday for endangering the life of his two-year-old daughter by taking her to a zoo’s elephant enclosure so that he could take a photo with them, according to reports. ‘Associated Press.

According to the owners of the establishment, Jose Manuel Navarrete, 25, would have voluntarily entered with his child in an enclosure where there are Asian and African elephants on Friday afternoon.

Video from a witness to the events shows that one of the elephants had a clear intention to charge on the two individuals. Fortunately, the man and the toddler were able to get out of the place just in time.

“We told him to come out as the animal was about to load and luckily he saw it just in time. He ran, threw his child over the fence and jumped over it just before one of the elephants charged, ”Jack Ortale, a witness to the event, told the local television station.

The father has been arrested and is due to appear on March 30. In the absence of the father, the child returned home with his mother.

No elephant in the zoo was injured.