Majority of US voters blame Biden for migration crisis

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Most American voters blame US President Joe Biden, not former head of state Donald Trump, for the migration crisis that erupted on the border with Mexico. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the publication Hill in conjunction with HarrisX.

So at least 44% of respondents believe that it is Biden and his administration who are responsible for the increase in the number of migrants at the border, Trump is accused of this by 28%. The same responsibility for this situation is assigned to them by 20% of the respondents.

It is noted that among the supporters of the Republican Party, 73% of respondents blame the current administration, while 46% of Democratic voters accuse Trump.
The survey was conducted on the Internet from March 24 to 26. It was attended by 1882 people who are registered voters. The margin of error is approximately 2.26 percentage points.

On March 27, former US President Donald Trump announced that he intends to visit the border with Mexico in the next couple of weeks against the background of the migration crisis unfolding in the United States.

On March 25, Biden assigned Vice President Kamala Harris to negotiate the migration. The Vice President will work with other governments. First of all, Harris will discuss the problem with the Mexican authorities. They will hold talks with diplomats from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

On March 5, Reuters reported that nearly 100,000 migrants were detained by US border guards in February at the border with Mexico. It is noted that this is the highest number of arrests in February since 2006.

On February 4, US President Joe Biden, during a speech at the State Department, announced that the US was increasing the quota for admitting refugees from abroad and intends to bring it to 125 thousand people this year.

The day before, the American leader signed three decrees in the field of the country’s migration policy, which cancel the orders of his predecessor in this post, Donald Trump. One of them concerns the reunification of the families of illegal migrants with children separated at the border between the United States and Mexico.