Major cities settle under their own weight

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And it’s very dangerous

The US Geological Survey concluded that large cities are sinking under their own weight. Using the example of San Francisco, experts have traced that the more the city grows, the more the soil sinks under it. In this case, the subsidence was already eight centimeters. And if we take into account that due to global warming, a rise in ocean level is predicted (it is expected that in three decades it will be thirty centimeters off the coast of San Francisco), the city is in serious danger of flooding.

Moreover, the recorded subsidence of eight centimeters takes into account only the weight of buildings and what is in them, and there is still urban infrastructure, green areas, transport, in the end. At the same time, a large number of people traditionally seek to move closer to the sea coasts, where living conditions are considered more favorable, and this further increases the risks.

Scientists believe that similar processes are taking place in different parts of the planet, possibly with different intensities due to the peculiarities of local geology, Science Alert reports. But neglecting negative trends can lead to big problems.

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