Major automakers in the US suspended work due to bad weather

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General Motors, Ford Motor and Toyota Motor factories, as well as other major automakers, have suspended production in the United States due to extreme weather conditions. This was announced on Tuesday, February 16, by Bloomberg.

It is noted that the General Motors enterprise, which is located in Arlington, Texas, has not been operating for the second day. On Monday, February 15, it suspended operations due to power outages and the inability of workers to come to work due to heavy snow. The company has already canceled several shifts at factories in Tennessee and Indiana.

The well-known automaker Ford at the factories in Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio also suspended work due to bad weather. The agency notes that factories in Chicago and Michigan were closed on Tuesday morning.

Toyota has also been forced to cancel shifts at factories in Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas and West Virginia.

Earlier, on this day, due to a strong cold snap, 24 American cities renewed their temperature records. So, in the cities of Corpus Christi and Houston, Texas, the temperature reached eight degrees below zero for the first time since 1895 and 1905.

In Texas, on Thursday, February 11, a winter storm began, which continues to this day.

In Minnesota, the thermometer dropped to a record -38 degrees. The last time such a temperature was recorded there was in 1939. In one of the cities of Nebraska, a thermometer sensor recorded -33 degrees for the first time since 1881.